Sunday, December 31, 2000

I realized something this morning; It's harder for me to go back to restricting after a binge. I guess because after I binge, (or really, eat a normal amount of calories) my body says, oh hey! Food! And then once that is metabolized, it keeps asking for it saying, "Wait, I thought I was eating now?" So, going right back to restricting and fasting right after a binge is sort of impossible. No matter! I'm not going to expect the impossible from myself, because that will just lead to disappointment. I'm just going to ease into it. :) I feel like I'm going to be able to be below 150 by the weeks end. I'm going to meet my goal!
Yesterday I stayed home from school because I felt unwell in the morning, but later on I started feeling better. I had a few French fries for lunch (150 cals) to settle my stomach, a few bites of key lime pie and Mike and Ikes (I was hanging out with my niece) and a
sort of normal dinner. I'm estimating 900, 1000 calories? And I exercised for about 2 hours, (biking and walking) so I burned maybe 400-500 calories? Today, I ate a handful of cereal,a piece of toast and light creme cheese, plus coffee (150 cals total) just so my mom could see, and went for a walk to get another coffee (25). I then ate an apple in class (75) and during lunch, I "ate" a bean burrito because both of my friends have noticed my lack of lunches. I really threw quite a bit of it away while they weren't looking. So I'm assuming I ate about 50 calories.if I eat 200 calories for dinner, I'll have eaten about 500 cals today. I won't exercise too much, and tomorrow I'll see if I can do 300 calories...wish me luck ladies!
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