Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TWO, count them, TWO PANT SIZES!

I. Am. So. Happy!
Recently, I've lost more weight, right? And I was really thrilled about fitting in my size 12 jeans. Well, my size 12's were too big for me, so I figured they were old and stretched out. This morning I grabbed a pair of jeans I found in a basket left over from moving, assuming they were size 12's and slipped right into them. They fit me perfectly. Before I left, I decided to check the size because I couldn't remember buying jeans of that style in a 12...and they were size 10's! So I dropped 2 pant sizes! :-DDDDD! I sort of fell of the wagon a bit. I allowed myself 1500 calories today, because I was at a friends birthday celebration, and sort of ate ice cream...technically, it was her birthday ice cream from the waiters at the restaurant, but she didn't want it and throwing away perfectly good food really annoys me. I probably shouldn't have eaten it, but it was delicious...
Tomorrow, I'm back on track towards my goal of 132 lbs! I've maid so much success, it'd be such a shame to put the weight back on.

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