Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hi, My Name Is Adelle and I'm Horrible.

I've forgotten my goals. I've forgotten how hard I worked to get to 150 lbs. I've forgotten how good I felt when I was fasting.
I have failed.
I've used my period and my "metabolism" as an excuse to eat like a pig. And where has that gotten me? Three pounds gained. 153 lbs, on my stomach. I've turned into a cow. Galen likes me, but he won't like me if I GAIN weight. If I gain 10 lbs., he won't be able to appreciate my curves because my FAT will cover them up! I look pregnant, I look gross. I need to get back to my lifestyle. I need to break out of these bad habits. So, a few rules for me to get back.
1) Eat a very small breakfast. (200 calories at most.)
2) No no no lunch.
3) Dinner is your only "normal" meal, but still keep it VERY healthy.
4) No excuses for pigging out.
5) Take Vyvanse every morning (For ADD and Depression, keeps my appetite low.)
6) Do weights every day, but exercise for 30 min-1 hour every other day (bike, gym, yoga, walking, etc.)
7) Servings should be under 100 calories so you get a variety.

All of these rules are rules I've followed in the past, but I needed to restate them. I already ate my bowl of oatmeal (130 calories) and my coffee (30 cals) this morning, and I'm already feeling so much better about myself. I don't feel like a pig who can't stop stuffing her face! Sigh. Okay, well, we'll see how the rest of the day goes.
Let's erase our mistakes, forget about our downfalls, remember our goals, and write our future.

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  1. Those seem like very reasonable goals & I'm sure you'll be able to stick too them and lose weight in no time! I love the end line, "Remember our goals and write our future"- kind of fitting of the blog world isn't it? =)