Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well! Hello everybody!
Ech. 151 lbs. That's alright, but...It's the same exact weight I've been for awhile now. I can't seem to break through 151. Of course, it hasn't exactly helped that I didn't fast AT ALL this week! I just didn't feel much like it, so I've been eating 1200-1800 calories this week, plus 1 hour exercise...well, that certainly isn't unhealthy. But I do wish that I could have fasted for even one day. I'm sure I could've lost some weight. Anyway...I guess, I'll be fasting tomorrow then. :| My plan is 2,000 calories today, +1 hour of exercise on the crosstrainer, and +1 hour of exercise on the bike. That'll be more than a thousand calories burned...and tomorrow, a 0 calorie day consisting of coffee, water, and perhaps some diet soda if I need it. Wish me luck.

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