Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm bracing myself.
Getting ready for the binge. I know it's coming...I've been eating 300-800 calories a day for a week, not even intentially. The binge must come soon. I didn't used to be able to do anything even CLOSE to this: I used to binge after what, a half a day, one day of restriction. I used to have to eat at least two thousand calories every other day (the alternate day diet, remember? XD) to control my appetite. But now...I don't know. I felt as though I was going to binge all day today, but some how, I didn't. I just didn't want to. I take a couple of bites of something and...I'm done with it.

What's going on in my brain? It's like my body suddenly decided not to cooperate. Or...should that be cooperate? I don't know. I'll see what happens.

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