Friday, April 01, 2011

Are Eating Disorders a Lifestyle?

Can an eating disorder be a lifestyle? So many people seem to believe so. It is such an offensive idea, but I can't help but entertain it.
I know that eating disorders are dangerous and life-threatening. But, there are varying degrees of it. There're the "lifestylers"- those who restrict eating, and don't push it to the end of their life. Those who live with it.
Those who die from anorexia have severe anorexia, and somewhere along the way lost control of it. Their mental disorders destroyed their body, brains, and killing them. But there are some who can LIVE with an eating disorder- there are those who eat enough, barely, to survive.
I'm so sorry to those with severe eating disorders. They are hell. But, I also believe that maybe, just maybe, I can LIVE with an eating disorder....forever.

300 calories today. I ate a rice cake, unfortunately, and two small candies, but all the rest was liquid. :3 Didn't even take Vyvanse today! Let's hope I can make it the rest of the night without eating. I should be able to...
Idk how tomorrow's going to go. I'm hanging out with my friend so I may have to eat something so she won't worry but...I don't know. I'll try to restrict as much as I can. I'm thinking coffee (35) and a rice cake (50) for breakfast, a salad (100) for lunch and a soy chicken patty (80), green beans (20) and maybe another rice cake (50) for dinner, with popcorn (100) for snacking throughout the day. And bike riding for exercise....I might go for a bike ride now, actually!
Working off that horrible binge yesterday...

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