Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi, I'm Adelle. I'm another american 16 year old girl clogging up the internet with more stupidity. Teen angst abound! I had an account on LiveJournal for awhile...but I guess I got tired of having absolutely no supporters, so I decided to move my account over to blogger. Partidarios de lo que, exactemente? Well, I am currently trying to lose weight.
Oh no! Not only am I another 16 year old girl, but I'm trying to lose weight! Quick, call in the angsty rants about not making the cheerleading squads, the coach purses, and the laments about how nobody understands my life.
Please, spare me.
I'm not going to vomit angst on you. Nor am I going to complain about popularity. I know that I'm only one in a million and thousands of people are going to through very similar situations. All I'm asking is for those people to support me.

I currently weigh about 161.5 lbs right now, at a height of 5'4.5". I started at about 170 lbs. My goal weight is 132 lbs., but I'll be happy if I get to 145 lbs.

Revised on 22-10-09;
Okay, this blog is sort of angsty, admittedly.

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