Sunday, July 19, 2009

So...hello my non-existent readers! I'm currently watching a fast food commercial...good job making America obese! Congratulations! I'd throw you guys a party if I could.
My back is still itching like hell.
Okay, okay, today was pure boredom.
I love, love, love walking, though.
I like walking until I don't know where I am. Then I keep walking until I begin to recognize my surroundings. That's what I did today. It was hot...but I was happy with it.
Someday, I'd like to walk cross country. Sound crazy, right?
Haha, you're right, it is.
It sounds like so much fun, though. I'd have to bring mace and a gun, though, so I don't get raped.
Or mugged.
My dog was exhausted, though.

I'm limiting myself to one weigh-in a week, even though I'm tempted to weigh myself everyday. Weird, huh? I just CANNOT weight (haha, terrible pun...) to see results, I want to weigh myself every second. But honestly, what do I expect? I'm not going to hop onto the scale one day and then the next day I magically lose 5 lbs or something...ech. And anyways, it's more accurate to weigh yourself every week. Plus, it is possible to gain weight (from muscle) and all that jazz, so...if I spend all week doing really well and gain weight, I know it won't be because I'm gaining fat.
I need to get a tape measure.

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