Thursday, August 06, 2009

blah blah

I've been abusing my blog lately. Sorry about that.
WTF am I talking about? I haven't dissapointed anybody...nobody's reading this, what does it matter? I could stop writing this and it wouldn't matter. Whatever...All I'm looking for is a little support you know? Somebody somewhere is going through the same things I am and I would like to have some contact with them. But I guess that you can't always get what you want.
Anyway, just saw Julie and Julia. Great movie, it was the first viewing in my area. I won the tickets because I ate candy faster than this one other chick...I didn't, really, I still had some candy left on the wrapper, but the guy who called it was in love with me apparently. You know what happens when you go to the movies food! I had 4 medium sized cookies, a hot dog, some popcorn, and a SoyJoy bar. I also had a diet Dr. Pepper. I wanted water, but I thought I was going to share with somebody else, and I knew the girls I were with didn't like water, but as it turned out they had their own drinks.
Also, a couple of days ago marks an important milestone. I stepped on the scale one morning, since I hadn't weighed myself in awhile, and I saw that beautiful needle point to 160 lbs. on the dot. That is the first time in a long time that I've seen that! Yes, I've SAID that I weight 160 lbs., but I was rounding...down, unfortunately. Of course, when I weighed myself a couple of days later, it said I was 162 lbs., but weight fluctuates. Oi vei! Why does it fluctuate? Why can't you just be one weight? Don't answer that...
I've not been so good lately about eating right. I've been baking cookies a lot (it's the only thing that's really fun to do with my niece, and I found a delicious recipe online), plus add on todays mini binge, and I feel like I've totally failed. I probably haven't, it's probably not nearly as bad as I think.

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