Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, after a quite naughty couple of days, I feel very...unqualified to write in this blog. There was no binging, but I could definitely feel that sense of loss of control that one gets during a binge. If I had just said, f#ck it, I would have definitely gone on a complete binge...but thankfully, I had the self control to stop it in it's tracks. I probably consumed about 1600 calories the last two days, a very dissapointing total, indeed. At least I'm not gaining weight...I'm frustrated with myself, though, I can still feel the extra calories from the last two days floating around in my's a weird feeling. It doesn't feel right. And what makes it worse is that whenever I get this feeling, it's impossible to exercise. Anyway...can I rant for a minute?
How is it that teenagers are becoming the most hated and discriminated against demographic in America? I mean, seriously, it's frustrating. I get it, a lot of us ARE snot-nosed brats, but that's not our fault. It's our job to be snot nosed brats...we don't have to deal with the responsibilities of adulthood. So what matters the most is high school drama. Because THAT IS what matters the most to us. We don't really have anything else to compare it to...well, I'm really just playing the devil's advocate. I'm not that way, of course...I'm annoyed by those type of teenagers, too, but I'm also annoyed by the people that pick on them. Well...enough of that.
Honey Nut Cheerios w/ Milk (150 calories)
Soy Milk (25 calories)
2 Pieces of Toast (240 calories)
Peanut Butter (180 calories)
Mid-Day Snack;
1 Fudge Pop (120 calories)
Amy's Especial Burrito (270 calories)
Fritos (160 calories)
Popsicle (30 calories)
Pretzels (110 calories)

Tomorrow is my nieces birthday, and we are going to CC's pizza, and then a movie. Shit. I'm just praying to god to that I will not totally pig out and gain a lb. Please, please god, don't let me lose control. Pizza...and then movie food...yummmy. But so many calories.

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