Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Follower!

I have my first follower! Terrific...
Anyway, I'm going to get to what I wanted to blog about. Is it bad that I feel superior to everybody else when I go out to eat with people?
Why do I even need to ask? Of course it's bad...but oh well. What am I supposed to do, eat like a fat ass? My mother told me was dedicated to losing weight...yeah, she's really made a lot of dedication. *rolls eyes* Yeah, she orders relatively healthy meals at restaurants, but she eats the entire plate. She does realize that she's consuming 1,000 calories right there, right? It's annoying how she's completely oblivious even though I've told her thousands of times. She drinks 1/2+ bottles of wine a day, skips breakfast and sometimes lunch and drenches her dinner in olive oil, butter, and carbs. She thinks she is eating healthy because the things she eats are allegedly good for you, but she eats them at such an excess...I'm sure she tells her doctor "But...but...I'm eating healthy!" with these big eyes and a trembling lips, and he decreases her estrogen and increases something else when, really, she's not eating healthy at all. I'm around her all the time, so I know about all of her eating habits. And I use them as an an example of what not to do.

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