Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Times like these makes me wish I believed in God.

Okay, well, I'm pretty stressed right now. I have an Algebra test tomorrow, and lost my algebra notes. I even went in today at lunch to get it straightened out, and totally got it...but fuck my absent mind. I really hate it.
Physics is a bitch, too. I really just need to pay more attention... I feel like crying, to be quite honest.
To top it all off, yesterday, I had a pretty big binge. I hadn't eaten all day, because I was STUPID and thought that, since I had over eaten the day before, I should fast. Yeah, you know what happens when you try to fast. Once one morsel of food passes your lips, you go crazy because your brain realizes that THERE'S FOOD! THE FAMINE IS OVER! And thus...I ate chicken, a baked potato, broccoli for my dinner. Then, I went crazy...I ate two bomb pops and another something-pop, then grahm cracker cookies and nilla wafers...and then a bag of cheetos, then some other cheetoes, and lays potato chips. I finished it all off with a diet soda (which was disgusting, I hate soda, but I drank it anyway.) And ate another popsicle before going to bed. I felt like shit. I still feel like shit. And all of this after I stress-binged on Monday by consuming nilla wafers and grahm cookies. (Gotta love those cookies.)
Damn, I had better be getting my period soon or something, because THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.
Well, I'm back on track. I've decided that I will not fast to make up for over eating-ever! Fasting just makes things worse. No, the next time I over eat, I'm going to forgive myself and MOVE ON WITH THE DIET. God, I cannot wait until this week is over. I'm going to sleep all weekend.

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