Friday, June 25, 2010

I am so ready!

Okay, my one follower, a lot of shit has gone down since I last wrote. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (secondary, for those who know their lingo.) Which explains the weight, the misery, the fatigue, everything! I started my hormones approximately one week ago, and I already see a huge improvement. That just goes to show, don't ignore symptoms and don't let doctors blow you off!
Anyway, I'm turning this blog from weight loss to something more important; My life. Now that I'm not depressed, I have already made many plans for the future.
I'm going into senior year of high school, and I am also hoping to get a job at Walgreens after school. Why Walgreens? Well, I've thought about it. Walgreens has always been there, for as long as I can remember. When my grandmother was dying and cussing my mom out, there was a Walgreens down the street to provide cheap, good food and products. When I got into wearing make up, the first place I went was Walgreens. When I was in a car accident, my mom would go to Walgreens all the time to get things. It's a very strange thing to be nostalgic about. But Walgreens is always there, never changing. The clean lineoleum flooring, the mirrors along the back end of the wall, the rows and rows of's so homey, eh? all in a tiny little store, almost like a family owned establishment...that has a bit of a funny pharmaceutical odor... On top of all that, you are on your feet your whole shift, so that is a DEFINITE PLUS for me!
So, job, home! We are moving back into the house I lived in when I first moved to this city, but we are remodeling it, so it is going to be completely different. Unfortunately, that is out of my school district, so I am planning on renting an apartment in the district so I can go there with my senior class. So, I'll have a job, a car, and an apartment! Awesome! I'm so ready for life.
Don't you love us hopeful young folk?

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