Saturday, July 03, 2010


Okay-dokay! Allow me to comment on my following of Pro-Ana blogs.
I do not agree with what these girls do, or what the promote. I don't think that they should starve themselves and claim to be 'pro-ana' like it's a good thing. You girls understand what "pro" means, right? It is a prefix which shares a base word with "promote." I know you will argue with me, and I know you say you don't promote anorexia, but quite frankly, that is the idea that many people get. That you are "promoting ana." That you believe that people can choose it, and not only that, but choose it for their benefit.
HOWEVER. I do not hate these girls. I enjoy reading their blogs, I do not think they are retarded, and I figure, it's their choice
I DO NOT HAVE AN ED. I am a 160 lb. girl afflicted with Hypothyroidism, and yes, at times, I do fast. And yes, I do weigh myself often. And yes, I hate myself for being fat. But I want everybody to understand that I do not have an eating disorder.

INNYWHO! (After I finish talking about how I don't have an eating disorder...) I ate about...*thinks* 300 calories today? It's hard to keep track, because my mom made a potato dish for dinner with the family, and of course I had to eat some of it. The vyvanse, though...It absolutely KILLED my appetite. Anyway, there yah go. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning. DONE BITCHING ABOUT MY WEIGHT!

My friend gets to come with me to the coast next week, for about 1-2 weeks. :D I'm excited! I fucking LOVE this girl with all my heart and soul, but she moved to a town two hours away from me, so I haven't been able to see her in forever. After that, plastic surgery, and hopefully, more weight loss. (150 lbs. before school starts? Please? That's not so terrible, only 10 lbs.) Operation Homefront next week too, which should be fun.
In related news...My sister TOTALLY disagrees with me getting an apartment, the dumb bitch. She thinks I'm an idiot teenager. I wanted to say to her, "Perdón? What the hell were YOU doing when you were my age? Doing crack?" (Seriously. She's jealous that I have my shit together. When she was 17, she'd already had one abortion and started doing crystal.) Whatever. Fuck her. I'll be eighteen soon, anyway, and then I can make my own decision.

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