Sunday, July 04, 2010

New weight! Yay!

Straight up, allow my to say that I am now 159.4 lbs.! Whoooop.

Now, this may not last for long, as last year I hit 159 lbs and of course, gained some weight back, but that was before I was being treated for Hypothyroidism. So hah.

I have my goal weight of 150 lbs by the end of the summer, and I'm sure I'll be able to hit it. I don't think that I will gain it all back, because I am already a healthy eater- I've even had a couple of people accuse me of having an Eating Disorder (of course, they didn't understand the gravity of that term -unlike most "dieters" who go right back to eating whatever they want after they lose all the weight. That's one of the main downfalls of weight loss. One has to learn how to eat healthy and take care of themselves, rather than just "starve starve starve!" to lose the weight quickly, then "eat eat eat!" and gain it all back with in a couple of months. I am, fortunately, well educated in the field of nutrition, although my unpleasantly high weight doesn't reflect it. (Fuck you, HPT.)

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