Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got my surgery yesterday...and allow me to say, it hurts. But not as badly as I expected it to. I look a lot better, but that may just be because of my garments holding me in...I'm hoping that I look as thin without the garments as with them. *cross your fingers...* once my boobs drop, they'll look a lot better. Right now they are very tight and high, but they'll soften...I'll just have to give them some time.
I feel sort of like a failure today. I ate 800 calories...which is okay, at least it's less than 1000, but I was sort of hoping that I'd be eating less than 500 calories per day, but whatever. It's not even about weight loss anymore- now its because I don't want to fail. I refuse to fail, to be weak... I refuse to be like my sister who gained all the weight back after her surgery, or all those people who use pain as a reason to "eat what the want." No...

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