Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another post!

Another post! I got back from the movies about two hours ago and had a lot of fun. I met this guy named Galen…got his number from Ian, our mutual friend. I’m hoping I didn’t totally terrify him. Guess what? He’s a freshmen in college. :3 he’s so awesome. Anyway…as soon as Ian saw me, he puts his hand on my waist and says, “OMG…LOOK AT YOU! YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE!” I was thrilled! He even said to his other friend, “Look at how thin she looks!” It was absolutely incredible. I about passed out. If I look so lovely at this weight, how much better I will look when I’m at my goal weight?
In other, somewhat related news, I want pizza so badly right now…I’m craving it so much. And not South Beach Diet pizza, real pizza.. (Well, about as real as it get’s outside of Italy or NY!)

P.S. So, I just ordered a pizza with roma tomatos and olives. Small, of course. Maybe it’s not exactly diet friendly, but I’m taking a page out of Misses Eat, Pray, Love’s book and enjoying it. I want it. I’ll have it.
I’ve done a lot of thinking about what’s happening tomorrow and I’ve decided that tomorrow will be a good day for a liquid fast. I’m going to Ian’s house, but I’m sure he won’t be trying to shove food down my throat, since his girlfriend doesn’t eat much. I’m excited for it! I haven’t done a liquid-only fast in a while, so it’ll feel really good. See you all later!

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  1. Already have the guys noticing? That's amazing- there's nothing like a compliment from a member of the opposite sex to make you feel really good =).

    That pizza sounds good! I haven't had pizza in a while, mainly because I've eaten it so much through high school & the first year of college that I'm practically sick of it! Now that I think if eat, a whole wheat pizza loaded with veggies doesn't sound half bad ^^.

    Hope the liquid fast went well for you today, I know they're a lot easier to do than a straight up water fast!