Sunday, August 29, 2010

Been eating a little too much this weekend. I ate about 1500 calories already today...I'm going to end it at about 2000 I think. Sigh. Not what I would be happy with, but alright. If I can exercise, that'll be fine.
I've been doing a lot of thinking, mostly about Galen. I really think I'm going to try to eat normally and just exercise more. Galen really likes my body...I mean he thinks I'm gorgeous. Even though I weigh 150 lbs. In fact, he likes that...kissing him, he keeps grabbing on to me like he wants to absorb me into him. I don't know...I really want to be fitter, but I don't want to be thin. I don't think so. I'll stay at 145 lbs...maybe 140. We'll see where I settle. But I'm not going to force my body to weigh less than is natural. Does that seem odd? Does that seem like "OMG WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE FAT." But I don't think I'm fat. Not even at 150 lbs., I don't think so. I think I'm a little larger than is healthy, but fat? No, no. Yes, the occasional photograph makes me feel fat, but you know, I'm alright. Not everybody thinks thin is attractive...yeah, some people do, but some people think a little extra is hot, too. It's really just everybody's preferences.

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