Monday, August 30, 2010

Eating 600 calories today to make up for my mistakes this weekend. Wish me luck, everybody.
Ariana- thank you for your offer, but I have to pass. The ABC diet is a little too ridiculous for me.

I gained 4 lbs magically. Sigh. I know it's just water weight, but it's so disappointing. I can't stand seeing a weight gain.
"Fasting" today, probably tomorrow too. Maybe tomorrow I can do a liquid fast?
(I tried to eat normally and ne'er fast again, but I knew I couldn't stay away for long. :| )

- Posted from the outside world.

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  1. Hey, that's totally cool hun! I can understand =)

    Good luck with the 600 calories for today! Restricting after making mistakes seems to help make the situation better and helps combat the weight gain that seems to jump up 5 pounds overnight!

    I hate water weight!! We all know, logically, we didn't gain 4 pounds overnight because that would mean thousands of calories, but still, seeing those numbers jump us is a real downer =(.