Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shit. Cupcakes.

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Today was suckish. I ate 1200 calories...which is okay...but...it's dissapointing because I'm supposed to be fasting! Agh! I didn't follow my diet plan at ALL today. Why does it seem that I can only control my diet for 1 day at a time? I guess, eventually that will change. I guess it's okay, in a way, to eat a little more one day. Sort of like the alternate day diet? I'm trying to justify cheating a bit.
Innywho, tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I'll have lost weight, you never know! :D
Tomorrow I'm getting back on track with my diet. I guess I just need a one day break so that I don't totally binge. Which is NOT something I want.
I see that as a pattern in my eating. I eat healthy a lot of the time, but I fast on alternate days. I guess that's okay...except for when I want to follow a particular plan for a week! Then it's suckish!
As I said, though, tomorrow is a new day. Here's what I ate today...
1 bowl of cereal w/ soy milk- 155 calories.
Protein bar- 170 cals.
4 pieces of avocado roll- 246 calories
Soup- 50 calories.
GeniSoy crips- 200 calories (I love those things...90 calories for ten. I ate 20. :(
Grilled Cheese (My friend made it for me. With soy cheese and tomatos!) 215 calories.
Cupcake (Damn I can't resist them!) 200 calories.
So a bit over 1200 calories. A relatively normal and healthy day. So, not so bad! Besides the cupcake.
Tomorrow, I'm going back to my fast. Maybe this will actually help my weight loss!

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  1. Cupcakes are pure evil!

    You're eating was actually really healthy! (except the cupcake, I know...), but on the bright side- you didn't binge & you didn't gorge yourself on tons of sweets or high calories foods, so maybe your weight won't go up!

    I hate it when I try to stick with a particular diet and I screw it up, but you're right, tomorrow is a new day & you can begin all over and get back on track with your eating!

    Evil Cupcake