Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking at old pictures of myself, and I can see that I was cute...but I have FO' SHO lost weight. I sometimes need that reminder. And if I look so different after only losing 10-15 lbs, I like to think about how great I'll look when I lose 10 MORE! that's what gets me going. According to my scale, I am 154 lbs. Ugh. I hate my dumb cycle. That's the only way, because I haven't done anything to deserve a 5 lb weight gain. However, I have noticed that there is significantly less fat to pinch on my arms. I was right: even though I wasn't getting immediate results with doing weight lifting, I just had to keep on it and eventually it would work. And it did! I'm lucky.
I have also decided to lower my caloric intake a bit more. I'm not going back to fasting- as you all know, I am choosing health while I still have the choice- but, since it will take a bit more for me to
Lose the weight, I think 1200-1300 calories a day should do the trick. 1500 on the weekends because girl needs a break.

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  1. Egh, cycles = not fun.
    At least your arms are toning up, just keep on it (:
    xx v