Monday, December 27, 2010


I think that if I really focus, I can lose the weight....
And by focus, I don't mean, diet a bit for a couple of days and lose focus and overeat. Because obviously, that doesn't work. Overeating cancels out any good thing that I do. So, I'm starting with my diet logging again.

Net Calories For Today
Scrambled Egg Whites- 30
Toast- 90
Fiber One Pop Tart- 180
Creamer- 30

1/2 Soy Chicken/Cheese Breast- 130
3/4 cup Broccoli and Cheese Cous Cous- 200
1 cup Broccoli- 20
1 slice of Pie (naughty!)- 250 calories
Peppermint Stick- 45

Snack- 1 Carrot Cake Cupcake (naughty.)- 135 calories

Planned Dinner-
4 Cucumber Rolls- 120
4 Spicy Crunch Rolls- 240
1 Chocolate Mousse- 60 

Total consumed- 1,530

1 Hour of Wii Fit (I got one for x-mas and was absolutely ecstatic!)- 200 calories
11 miles Cycling- 330 Calories

Total Burned- 530 calories.

BTW- Calories consumed yesterday=860 calories.
Tomorrow hopefully I'll eat 600 calories. I've been taking diuretics to help with my water weight, too.

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