Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Jesus. I must be retaining water or something, because guess what I fucking saw on the fucking scale? ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN LBS. THAT'S RIGHT. 157! God that is so awful! Now, now, I have to relax because just a couple of days ago I was 154 and I know that I didn't eat enough to gain 3 lbs. There's no way. I just have to relax. I don't really weigh that much. Yes, I gained three or four lbs since halloween, and yes I need to lose it, but I most definitely didn't gain seven lbs. So I need to calm down and breathe. I'm PMSing, I'm retaining water, and my weight will go back down after my period. *breathes*
So, okay, yesterday, my friend decides that it'd be a fucking fantastic idea to show up at my house with ice cream, because she knew I was PMSing and she wanted to make me feel better. I wish she hadn't. I ate 360 calories of that shit.
I was doing SO FUCKING WELL. God dammit! Ugh! And I would have done GREAT if it wasn't for HER!
But. I have my plan. I'm going to 600-800 calories today, AND I'm going to exercise and burn of the 360 calories extra that I ate yesterday so I can pretend that it never happened. So, pretending that the 360 calories never happened, everything will be back to normal. *breathes*

After exercising off the 360 calories (Yes, I already did it.) My conscious can rest peacefully, knowing that I can reasonably pretend that the ice cream never happened. :3 I lost 2 lbs of water weight already, from all the ssweating I did, and the diuretic. It still sucks because my weight is still much higher than I want it to be, but at least I know that I'm not really 157 lbs. I'm still waiting for my period to come.

Food Journal 
Ice Cream- 360
Light Pumpkin muffin- 125

3/4 Spring Roll- 75
2 Avocado Rolls- 40
Peppermint Stick- 45

I don't know yet

1 hour Wii Fit- -240
5 miles Cycling- 120

Calories Consumed- 845
Calories Burned- 360

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