Saturday, March 12, 2011

152 lbs. Again.

Well, yesterday went well. I went to a restaurant with that guy and I got the Carribean salad...I didn't eat it though. It's too bad, because I really enjoy the Carribean salad. I told him it was because I was cold and the salad was cold, and I didn't want to make myself colder...which was half true, but still sort of stupid. I got a cup of coffee instead, and we went for a walk afterwards. Yay, I got my exercise in!
I weighed myself this morning. 151.8 lbs, so about 152 lbs. That's good, I haven't been less than 154 lbs in months...but I don't feel as excited as I should. Honestly though, what was I expecting? It's not like I'll magically be 140 lbs. or something! XD I'm glad to be back at 152 lbs, finally. I can see some weight loss in my face and legs. My face, especially, looks slimmer. I'm happy. My body is good.
Problem is, I'm really jittery now. My heart is beating fast and I'm shaking a bit. I think I'm just dehydrated, because my throat is really sore, and laxatives DO cause dehydration. Off to drink some water, and maybe ride my bicycle Later to get rid of some energy.

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