Friday, March 11, 2011

Come back, Followers. :(

Is anybody there? Are my followers still reading me? Am I alone? Did I scare you away?
I'm watching a video called "Extreme Diets" on youtube, and I feel like a lot of these diets that they go on...I don't know...I think that it's exaggerated. These medical professionals say "AS SOON as you stop eating you'll have this this and this." The women, they cry about how touchy they are, about how depressed they are, about all they can think about is food. I think that it may be a bit exaggerated in them, because they went straight from eating a completely normal diet to being "anorexic." They have a completely normal appetite, and they are totally normal. Of course it's going to fuck with them.
Don't get me wrong. Pro-ana diets are stupid and crash diets are stupid, and nobody should go on one. It's good that they are making these videos to show girls what happens. But it is a bit exaggerated for them. I can say that for me, since my appetite died and I started eating less, I've actually been happier. I've had the same amount of energy and nobody has noticed a mood change in me.
Anyway, today I had a bite of a donut (literally one bite), a coffee, some popcorn, a cookie, and a few crackers. That's about 300-350 calories total. The popcorn was pretty good, actually. I took some laxatives a bit ago because I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow (I'm just finishing my period.) Wish me luck, ladies!

Going out with a guy tonight. I'm not all that interested in dating him but...I'll humor him. I took some uppers a little bit a go and I'm in a really good mood.

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