Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life is so freaking Lifey

Galen "broke up" with me. I put that in quotes because we didn't really have that much of a relationship in the first place, so there's really nothing to "break up." And, we are still going to see each other the next time he's in my basically, this is the exact same situation we were in! Only I suppose, this way he doesn't feel obligated? I don't know. Meh. It's not a big deal.
This just gives me another reason to lose weight...make him want me even more. XD
I overate today, btw. About 2000 calories. Whatever. I'm too tired to give a shit right now.

I know this sounds awful but...another reason this give me inspiration to lose a ton of weight is because I want him to see my a few months from now and get a twinge of worry. I want him to look at me and say, what happened? I want him to watch me eating and worry a bit...not that he wouldn't if we were officially bf and gf or anything, but there's something awfully delicious about making him worry when we AREN'T "haha, you still care about me even though we aren't together! haha!" I know that sounds awful...

Btw- I think I'm going to try going vegan. Or, as vegan as I can go. I know my family will think it's totally ridiculous, and my mom is already really suspicious of my eating. So I'm not going to TELL them I'm going vegan, but I'm going to stop eating as many animal products as I possibly can. That'll eliminate even more food choices! Whoooten!

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