Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've had trouble with my eating recently. I keep eating a lot and feeling guilty and then being too sad to exercise. And so, I've decided what I must do.
One week to eat whatever I want. No guilt. No unhappiness. Exercise, of course, every day. I just need to see what happens. I need to know how it feels again. I need to eat food and reevaluate my relationship with food, and then decide what to do from there.
So, 2000-2500 calories in a day (a lot, I know!) plus 2 hours of exercise. Only until next Monday. Hopefully, by the end of all this, I'll have re-evaluated my relationship with food and exercise, and I won't feel the great need to over-eat any more, and I'll be able to eat 800-900 calories a day again. Wish me luck...

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