Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't feed the hipsters.

I have several new things to say.
My weight has remained stable, unfortunately, BUT some how I have lost a lot of inches. I'm 38-29-38 now, and I just bought size 8 jeans. Isn't that weird? I must have gained a lot of muscle or something.
I always wanted to be a size 8. I said that when I got to size 8, I would feel better...but honestly, I don't. I say to myself "Well, you're not a perfect size 8, you can still wear size 10 jeans if you want. So you still need to lose weight until you're REALLY a size 8."
My best friend got mad at me because I said something about how I was sort of worried about myself, and she flipped out because she said that I take things for granted and I don't appreciate any of the things that she would kill for.
There is nothing about my body that any body would kill for. She's a size 14, and when I look at her, I see the exact same body that I have. So I have no idea what the hell she's talking about. I know my scale says 150 pounds, and my jeans say size 8/10, but I'm still fat. I mean come on, 150 lbs-that's massive. I don't care if I'm smaller than I used to be- I'm still fat. I'm going to keep working until I am a PERFECT size 8, and then I guess I'll try for a size 6. I just want to lose weight, for the love...!
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