Monday, April 04, 2011

So today, I sort of ate SORT of normally...I thought, maybe I'm better? Maybe my brain suddenly switched and I've spontaneously recovered? Maybe I've gotten better just as quickly as I got worse. Well, I started out the day thinking of that...and end the day knowing that I definitely have not. How can I know that so certainly?
I purged today. Binged first, of course, on probably a thousand calories- Oreos, Cheetoes, ice cream- took a shower, and just thought, what the hell. May as well try.
It was surprisingly simple. Just used a large spoon, and a couple of gags and- oops, there goes a cookie. I didn't purge very much- probably barely 1/4 of what I ate- but I still did it. And I'm sure I'll do it again.

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