Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm 140 lbs.
This is the least I've weighed in years.
But I don't know if I'm quite happy.
I must be attractive, though, still. Almost every single one of the guys I hang out with want the same thing from me. They are always touching me, putting their arms around me, persuading me to move closer to them- and it used to be, I would sleep with them no problem. I racked up 18 sexual partners in fewer months, so I thought- that's the only reason they touch me, that's the only reason they like me- they know I'm easy. But I haven't had sex in two months (a long while for me, ha.) and am COMPLETELY dead set on maintaining my celibacy until I genuinely get into a relationship. And I tell them that. I tell every single one of the fucking guys, and I tell them how serious I am about it. But still- they're always nudging me, always trying to hold my hand, or kiss me, or hug me, or fuck me.
Anyway, I have been eating way too much recently. I'm shocked I haven't gained all the 25 lbs. back and more.

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