Friday, August 07, 2009

Well, my day begins at a late 5:37 am. I woke up this early yesterday, too, only yesterday I promptly fell back asleep and proceeded to sleep until noon. Today, I'm not so lucky. I don't understand why I've been sleeping so terribly recently.
I haven't really been one to worry much. While everybody else was fretting over something or another, I was always the one who was sitting back and thinking "Why is everybody so stressed? It's just a test (or quiz, or whatever)." But I can't help but think that maybe my insecurities about starting another school year at a new school is what's bothering me. What else could it be?
I think that I just think to much. From the second I wake to the moment...or moments, as the case may be...I fall asleep, I'm just thinking about stuff. Mostly about my interactions with other people and whether or not they were the right ones, blah blah blah. Really stupid stuff, you know?
I'm mostly ashamed of myself for some reason or another. Embarrassed is the word, actually. Like, "I shouldn't have said that to so and so," or "I shouldn't have done that, that was dumb." It all goes round and round until I need a Vicodin badly. It's really irritating.

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