Saturday, June 26, 2010

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I just spoke to my brother today. He's in the Navy, by the way. He tried to hack it in college, but he couldn't get himself together. :/ So, the cliche misfit young adult thing to do, since the "run away to the circus" plan didn't work, was join the military! Yeah!
He had some good advice, though. He wants me to attend at least one year of college before joining the Peace Corps...but...I don't know. I don't see how it would make much of a difference. A four year college degree is a recommended qualification, but I do not want to attend four years of college before joining. So I know that no matter what, I will end up going into the Peace Corps whether I attend college for one year first or not. : / But we shall see. It's a catch 22, or as my mother always says (seriously, ALWAYS.) "It's six one way, half a dozen the other!" I can actually hear her voice in my head right now.
Anyway, onto more immediate plans...
I have signed up for "Operation Homefront," against my brothers wishes. He's actually pretty anti-American. The hell? That makes so much sense, hate America but join the Navy...And anyway, I'm not even doing it because it's "ameracun." I'm interested in it because first of all, it isn't associated with a church, and second of all, it HELPS PEOPLE IN NEED. I don't give a flying fuck if it's connected to the military.
Trying to find some other shit to do before my surgeries at the end of next month. That's going to hurt like a bitch, so I can't do much after wards. (Fuck my life...) Trying to find jobs, things to do, people to see, bleh bleh bleh, but It's hard to find things in Texas that aren't all about Jesus.
Seriously, people, can we please get off the whole Jesus thing? It's so 1800's. Let us all move on, as a society. Religion is seriously fucking everything up. And get off your high horse about the "it makes you a better person!!!" shit. If you're a good person, you're a good person. It has no dependency on your religion...except, if you have a religion, you might pretend to be a good person because hell scares the shit out of you. I know plenty of atheists who are very concerned for others, including myself. And in turn, I know plenty of Christians who don't give a rats ass about others. So there.

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