Monday, July 05, 2010

Bitching about my Weight.

Well, yesterday was the 4 July, the day on which the entirety of America displays our love for everything loud, big, and shiny. Oh, and food.
I went to the local theme park with the fam, which was okay. The theme park is sort of boring to me now. I mean, honestly, it all gets pretty old after the FOURTY MILLIONTH TIME you go..."Oh look I'm going upside down now..." Sigh. It's all the same fricking thing.
So, I mostly did walking and standing, walking and standing, which burns a lot of calories, fortunately for moi. I had roasted corn (good), a small veggie spring roll (good) and a cheeseburger (bad. Very bad.) I asked for the cheeseburger without the actual burger but...they put it on anyway. #1- My family doesn't know I'm vegetarian, because they would get angry (rolls eyes) and #2- If I had taken it back, they would have just thrown it in the garbage bin without a thought, and that would have been worse than had I just eaten it. So, I ate it. All approximately 350/400 calories of it. Which is okay.Maybe it was a little more than I would have liked, but hey...whatever. I got some fudge, per tradition, but I didn't eat it last night. I was feeling pretty nauseated from the meat I ate, to be quite honest. I ate the fudge this morning...feeling a bit guilty, but it's okay. A few of the calorie calculators I looked at said that there was only 70 calories in it, which I know is total bullshit- so I'm estimating more like 140 calories, minimum. That's probably all I'm going to be eating today. My stomach hasn't been feeling bueno lately.
I've yet to weigh myself this morning, but I'll get around to it eventually, after I, of course, drink this tea and use the restroom. My two BFF's birthday party is a week, followed by a vacation to the coast, and I really would like to be 155 by then. I know that'll probably be impossible, but a girl can dream, right? I'd really be happy just to be 157. I'll probably be able to drop a few pounds on vacation, too. Anyway, I'm sorry this post has been such a bore. Hasta Luego!

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