Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sigh. My premonition came true. I feel like a pig now. How could I eat this much food? I was planning on doing a water fast was going to be awesome seeing the scale go down tomorrow. I could have hit my next goal weight. :(
1) I can't change the past.
2) I didn't binge, I didn't even over eat by much.
3) I can exercise on my bike tonight and burn off a lot of water weight, so maybe I'll weigh less tomorrow.
4) I can take laxatives, another reason I can still weigh less.
5) This helps boost my metabolism so the next time I fast, I'll see more immediate results.
6) Every body makes mistakes...

Well, I've decided to make up a week long diet for me to follow before my date on friday (Yes, ladies, I'm going out with Galen with Kennedy and Ian. :D I have to look awesome.) Here are a few rules!
1- Breakfast is one apple and coffee at 7:00 am, followed by 30 of bike riding, walking, or yoga.
2- Lunch is any salad (I'm going to go out a lot this week, I know that I won't be able to eat an apple for lunch.) with 1 tpsn dressing.
3- Dinner is the same as lunch, or 1 cup of veggies if at home.

Hopefully I'll be able to do this and stay strong. I CAN'T be flexible about this. I can't say "Well, I'll eat a piece of candy..." or whatever. I don't care. I have to stay strong. I want to be 145 by the time school starts.

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  1. Hey!
    Sorry I missed your last post : ( My allergies are bothering me so much I can't wear my contacts ; /
    Anyways though...I'm really glad you aren't beating yourself up too much about not fasting. Honestly, the slowest I ever lost weight was when I was fasting. Yeah sure the first few days you lose, but after a week.....its bad. You lose nothing. And right after you gain because you slow your metabolism up so much.
    Youre plan sounds good though. I LOVE salad. Especially the trader joes reduced fat south western salad. It perfect and less than 200cal :)
    If you wan tot make sure you aren't bloated for your date, drink some lemon with warm water the morning of and nothing else. Takes away all the bloat.