Thursday, October 07, 2010

152 lbs.!

Weight this morning? 152 lbs! Yay! I'm so proud of myself. Yesterday, I had about 25 crackers for dinner...haha, I was hungry! I was planning on eating a popsicle after the gym, but I decided against it, knowing that today I would be eating. Hopefully, I won't binge today. Thus far I've had 3/4 cup coco pebbles (115 calories) 1/2 cup soy milk (30) 1 Acai berry toaster pastry (210 calories) and coffee. That's about 400 calories, and I'm planning on eating 1,500 calories today. Tomorrow I have lunch with my friend, so my plan is to eat 1 meal tomorrow. My week so far looks like this-
Sunday: 1,700 calories
Monday: 500 calories
Tuesday: 2,200 calories
Wednesday: 450 calories.
Thursday: 1,500 calories (Hopefully!)
Friday: (500 calories) (Hopefully...)
My weight at the start of this week was 154...and it's gone down to 152, so I've lost 2 lbs. of water weight this week. Hopefully next week I can lose the last 2 lbs of water weight and start the real weight loss.

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