Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today went well...I ate the last slice of coffee cake at 3:00 am though... (190 calories.) But...
Yesterday, was a failure. 1,000 calories before lunch time, and then got home, ate a ton of almonds, a piece of laughing cow cheese, and then went to my mothers dinner, where I ate about 10 pieces of these crispy texas toast chip thingies, artichoke dip, potato chips, soup, some pasta and to finish it all off...peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. Sigh. Total, about, is 2,200 calories for the day...and my weight as of this morning? 155 lbs. God.
Good news, though, I started my period this morning. Hopefully...this 5 lbs. are just water weight. I hope.
Today, I had a cup of coffee for breakfast, a cup of coffee and five saltine crackers for lunch, and I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner...more crackers and tea, I'm hoping, because if I eat anything else I'll probably lose control. Can I do this tomorrow too...? I'm going to try. I need to lose this water weight!
It's easier for me to control myself when I just don't eat, rather than if I eat a small breakfast, and try not to eat lunch until dinner.

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