Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Update and recipe.

Ariana- Yes, house is the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLd. I am completely and uncontrollably in love with Mr. Laurie. And the courdonbleu (I'm still not spelling it right) is awesome. I homemade it, though, with soy cheese, fake chicken, and crushed croutons. I'll have to share the recipe it was better than expected.

But I digress! I have good news! I'm losing the 4 lbs. of nasty water weight I've been carrying around. Yay! I just want to lose the waste and water weight first, because my real weight is underneath that 4 lbs. Anyway...today is my mothers birthday, so I have to go to dinner with her and a big group of people. I remember last year on her birthday, I ate a chicken salad...and she was freaking out and saying "OMG EATTT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY LOL HAHAHA." She was totally drunk of course...anyway...today is my "up" day, so I'm eating around 1500 calories. So far today I have had 1 slice of toast, 1 egg, 1 packet of oatmeal, 1 tblspn of soy cheese, 1/2 cup Fruit Salad, and coffee. Let's see how the rest of my day goes.

Faux Courdonbleu Recipe-
1 Quorn Meatless and Soy Free Naked Chicken Cutlets (80 calories.)
1 Veggie Slices Mozarella Soy Cheese (40 calories)
1 clove of garlic (10)
Garlic Salt
6 Fresh Gourmet Cheese and Garlic Croutons (30 calories)
1/4 Cup of Tomato Sauce (Any Brand, I don't care.) (about 30 calories.)

1- Place the croutons and garlic cloves in a sandwich bag and crush the croutons into a coarse powder.
2-Prepare the chicken cutlet by either cooking it in the microwave with a small amount of water for 2 minutes or on a non-stick skillet, flipping every few minutes on medium heat, for 10 or so minutes. Do not cook completely through- leave it a tiny bit undone.
3-Tear the Veggie Slices into thirds and place over the top of the cutlet, making sure to cover the top of the cutlet. Heat in microwave for 20-30 seconds until cheese is slightly melted.
4- Sprinkle the crushed croutons and garlic over the top, evenly covering the melted cheese. Put the Tomato sauce on top of this, being careful not to disrupt the melted cheese or crushed croutons. Heat the chicken, cheese, croutons, and sauce in the microwave again for 30-60 seconds, until the sauce is warm.
5- Sprinkle garlic salt to taste. Enjoy!

I put this over broccoli, which is really easy to make- simply place a cup of broccoli in a shallow bowl with some water and garlic salt, cover, and microwave for 2:00 minutes. Stir and check the tenderness of the broccoli, and microwave for another 2:00 minutes...or, if you don't want to microwave, put the broccoli water and garlic salt in a sauce pan, cover, and cook for awhile until it's done. I'm not sure on the time for that...anyway, I made this recipe last night and it turned out really delicious. I was surprised because I just made it up as I went along. The whole thing was about 220 calories, which was amazing.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the recipie! I'm going to have to make that sometime soon! It's sounds so delicious and French =)