Monday, October 04, 2010

Dia buena...

Helllooooo everybody! I'm feeling pretty alright...everything went according to plan, buttttt I did eat about 100 calories in the middle there. Those calories really count up- 30 calories for my lunch time coffee, 30 calories worth of raisins, and 30 calories of croutons! Yeah! Croutons! They're delicious little bastards. Anyway, so, rather than a 500 cal. dinner, I'm only getting a 400 cal But, c'est la vie. I didn't binge, at least. I'm weighing in tomorrow, wish me luck...hmm...what else...Oh, I went to the gym, did 30 minutes on the stair stepper like I planned. 30 minutes isn't a ton, but the stair stepper really kicks my ass. Is it too much to hope that tomorrow, my weight will be down? I don't think so. But we shall see...won't we?

Later- I just ate dinner. Here's my food intake total for the day-
Breakfast- Egg and Salsa Wrap (205)
Lunch- Coffee, Croutons, Raisins (90 calories.)
Dinner- Faux Chicken w/ Broccoli Cordonbleu (sp?!) (220 calories), Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cone (200)

The Skinny Cow ice cream cone was a little bit of an indulgence, I will admit. I'm over about 27 calories (round up to 50 just in case) but that still makes it a pretty successful day. I did my exercise, I'll do my weights later, and everything I ate was really healthy. So, yay! Let's just hope that I finish out the day well, and I don't eat anything else!
I'm going to go watch House now...SEE YOU LATER!!!

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  1. I really like you're new background! It's very pretty =). I hear ya about the stair stepper! I hate those things, they'll make your butt burn within minutes!

    You're intake seems very healthy! I don't think I've never had any of the Cordonbleu before, is it good? Oh, and I spent the night watching House! House is pure awesome awesomeness! ♥