Sunday, October 03, 2010

My mom wants to put me on birth control. :( I keep telling her that I WILL NOT TAKE BIRTH CONTROL. It will make me gain 10 fucking lbs.! I am NOT going back to 160 lbs.! SHE HAS NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT THAT WOULD DO TO ME. I think that bitch just wants to make me fat. God. Has she fucking seen how hard I've been struggling for YEARS to lose weight? Did she see how miserable I was at 160 lbs? Apparently not, because she wants me to gain it back. The fat bitch. I'd rather have irregular periods than be 160 lbs again.
I'm eating a normal amount today, btw, going to the gym tonight so ja...just had to put that out there.

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  1. Birth control? Man, that's not cool...well, it is if you want to prevent pregnancy, but irregular periods happen to everyone at some point. I'm like you, I never want to talk birth control for the reason of weight gain. I've always heard it makes people gain weight. Well, really it isn't the pills itself, it's that it increases the estrogen which causes your appetite to increase as well, thus, making you eat more.

    Maybe, and this is just an idea, you could "agree" to take the bc and then just not take it, but your mom may find out what you're up too. On the other hand, I hear it fixes acne by regulating the hormones, but I don't know how reliable that is though ^.^