Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I weighed myself this morning. 154.6.
Not great, but better than I thought. And it shows that I'm losing some weight, at least, sooo...
I've been thinking. Since I have such an appetite, rather than try to restrict and binge and make myself miserable, maybe I should just exercise a lot? That's what I've been doing for the last few days, and I realized how much I love exercise. I remember I used to walk all the time, but now I like a bit more strenuous aerobic exercise. I've been thinking that I could eat, and just exercise off 500 or so calories. We'll see how it works.
Today is a 1500 calorie day.
I'm really proud of myself because I ate 600 calories yesterday. Actually, 570. EXCLUDING the ice cream that I was counting towards it. I wanted to eat more, but I didn't. I knew that today I would get to eat plenty. Speaking of!

Food Journal
1 piece of Bread- 90
1 tblspn Prailinutta- 90
1/2 tblspn Honey- 30
1 tblspn coffee creamer-30
1/3 cup Egg Whites- 40
1/4 cup Soy cheese Shreds- 52
1/8 cup Sliced Mushrooms- 10
342 Calories

1 slice of Raspberry Pie- 125
1/2 bowl of Cereal- 80

1 bowl Cream of Mushroom-Carrot and Tortillini Soup- 300
1 slice of Toast- 90
Smart Balance- 40
1 salad- 20
1 Skinny Cow Fudge Pop- 100

2 Hard Candies- 15

1 Veggie Burger- 235
1 Baked Potato- 110
1 Tblspn Ketchup- 15
1 slice of Pie- 250 (I just can't seem to get away from that pie.)

Total- 1710 (sigh)

3 hours wii fit- 500 calories
11 miles biking- 300 calories 

Total- -800

Net Calories- 910 

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