Thursday, January 06, 2011

I am not happy. I am fat. I am fat and I am most certainly NOT happy. I tried changing in different ways- I tried eating really healthy and not obsess and exercise everyday and where has that gotten me? NO WHERE. The only time I can remember losing weight is when I was alt fasting. And now, I just don't have the will power for it. I tried doing it and couldn't do it, as you've read, and I said "Oh well it's not healthy anyway! I'm going to be healthy from now on! Yeah!" but you know what? It is perfectly healthy for an overweight person to do. So, I'm trying again. I can't stop trying. I have protein shakes, protein bars, and cereals to help me. I WILL do this. I will find the will power to lose these pounds.
Food journal-
Health shake- 130
Nutrigrain bar- 130
1 slice of toast and cheese- 60
1 Bowl of salad- 280
1/2 Bowl of cereal- 100
Dinner- protien shake- 190
Totalish- 1175
Exercise- aerobics- 100
Biking- 400

Sorry I'm sort of in a rush.

- Posted from the outside world.

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