Monday, January 03, 2011

Weight gain

I've gained more weight. I feel awful. I weigh 158 lbs. How...?
I measured myself and haven't gained any inches...40-30-40. Same as when I was 153/155. I'm assuming it's muscle, since I've been exercising so much. So I've decided that every other day, I'm going to to aerobic exercise for only 30 minutes. You know, walking, yoga, something easy. I think maybe that'll give my body time to burn off fat instead of building muscle. I'm going to keep drinking a meal replacement drink (200 cals) for breakfast but I'm going to eat 100 calorie snacks 2 times a day, and eat 400 cal meals for lunch and dinner. Sigh.
I'm so sick of gaining weight. Why am I gaining? I should be LOSING. I'm doing everything right.

I ate 1700 calories today and exercised off the 200 calories excess so I wouldn't gain. I'm going to continue dieting and exercising though, just today I need a bit of a break. I'm adjusting my diet to facilitate weight loss, and read up on the Special K diet and the Slim Fast diet, thought about what has worked in the past, and nutrition. Here is my adjusted diet plan-
(Some days 1300 calories, some day 1700, some in between.)
Breakfast- Breakfast Shake
(10:00 am) Snack- Fiber Bar/Apple
(12:00 pm) Lunch- Bowl of Cereal and yogurt
(3:00 pm) Snack- Fiber Bar/Cottage Cheese
(6:00 pm) Dinner- 500 calorie meal.
Exercise (2 hours one day, 30 min the next)
(adjust for calories)

I want these adjustments to work. I want to see the weight come off. I'm hoping that a changed exercise and diet program will work. I've begun keeping a food journal again and will start setting alarms on my phone. I want these changes to work.

Goals- get back to 150 lbs by the 28th of January.
Get to 145 by 28 of February.

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