Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Weight Loss :)

Well, my weight has gone down a couple of lbs. That's a good sign, because that means that my weight is finally starting to drop.
My short term goal is 153 by January 11th; I'm starting my adjusted diet today, so hopefully it'll help me lose weight. I decided that I'm not going to eat under 1300 calories on any given day. I know it seems retarded, since I AM overweight and it just makes sense that the less I eat the more weight I would lose, but in the past eating 1200 calories just didn't work for me. Eating 1300-1500 calories seems to be the best way to avoid binging, and it gives me more energy to exercise.
Today I'm eating about 1300 calories.

Carnation Instant Breakfast- 200
Coffee Creamer- 30

Snack- Fiber Bar

1 Cup Special K Cereal- 130
1/2 cup milk- 50
1 Apple

Packaged nuts- 300

Avocado Cheese Veggie Burger- 340
Fudge pop- 40

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