Friday, April 08, 2011

I'm slowly starting to figure this out, find what works for me. I ate 2,000 calories yester ay (sorry if I misspell some wor s, the key next to the "s" on the keyboar isn't working on my computer...if I can I'll try to fin another way to say things so I won't have to use that letter. It may start working again, though.) an was sort of annoye by that. But, to ay is a new ay. I have been rea ing a book by the title of "Water with Lemon." It's a "health fiction" novel, meaning a fiction novel about some person losing weight. They "eat healthy" an lose weight by "not counting calories." I mean, that may work for some people, but not for me. I woul n't be able to go back to eating normally like that all the time anyway. But it inspired me nonetheless.
I may not be eating very much, but I should still eat things that are good for my body. I still need to SORT of take care of my body. Maybe I'm not eating "enough" by most doctors standards, but I choose to eat this little. But like I said, that doesn't mean that when I do eat, I have to eat shit. And so, I've decided to follow a few new things.
*800 through 900 calories a day most days.
*If I wake up one morning wanting to eat, I let myself eat 1500 calories without guilt.
*No more soda, candy, or gross pastries, or overly processe foo .
*Eat more fruit, veggies, nuts, an eggs.
*consume more fruit  uices. Even though that's more calories, you can always water it  own.

I'll probably think of more later. :) Tata for now!

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